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Social Video Distribution & Seeding

Whether the objective is more views, higher quality views, genuine engagement, significantly better video ROI, maximising your video's reach, driving quality traffic, powerful retargeting or collecting audience insights, LAVA is the social digital video distribution expert.

Our views are the most accountable in the marketplace. Every view registers on the hosting platform, whether it be YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vimeo.


What Is LAVA Distributing Now


We've delivered campaigns for 850 leading brands & agencies in Australia


We partner with leading media, digital, PR, production & creative agencies.


Taking digital video to the
next level


We Offer


YouTube Video Seeding

YouTube TrueView

Multi-Platform Distribution

Facebook Video Seeding

Facebook Video Ads

Pre-Roll / Out-Stream / In-Stream

Influencer & Native Video

Audience List Retargeting

Video Creative & Production

Image / Blog / URL Seeding


Bringing digital

video to life


Opt-In, Click-To-Play views
Performance guarantees
Engagement and ROI

Amplified 10,000 videos for Australia's leading brands since 2002


Extend reach
& awareness

Enhance clients'
owned assets


AdWords Video Certified

Google recognises that LAVA Communications has met all requirements to be certified as a Google Partner, specialising in Video.


Strong Engagement


Better average time viewed

Significantly improved completion rates               

Boost social reactions & earned media

Drive click-throughs

Improved SEO

Uplift in consideration

Positive shift in intent to purchase

Increased ROI


LAVA is uniquely accountable to the independent data of the hosting platform: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Vimeo



Multiple targeting capabilities

Video duration flexibility

Complementary to trading desks

Brand safe


Guaranteed campaign deliverables

Pre-agreed Cost-Per-View

Detailed reporting & benchmarking

VAST & tracking tag compatible



Our development team continuously evaluates and implements the latest available technologies, delivering the best possible video experience to viewers and superior results for clients. 

We have driven, tracked and analysed videos that have received 100's of millions of views. LAVA uses this data to give us unique insights into the Australian and global video marketplace. 

Based on these insights, LAVA has developed its proprietary video player and introduced several industry-first social video distribution models. This places LAVA at the cutting edge of video. 



LAVA Social Video Player

Features & Added Value

Custom Logo

The top right corner is reserved for custom logos with a custom link

Share Widget

Share a link on Facebook, Google+, email and Twitter directly from the video player

Custom Banners

With one click, viewers can engage with your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account or related website


Clickable Overlay

Once the video is played for the first time, the whole display area of the video becomes clickable to any destination / URL


Tracking & Other Capabilities

Social Engagement Tracking

Track how many times your video has been shared, tweeted or liked


Event Tracking

Integrate any third-party tracking platform with these supported events:

  • 25% viewed
  • 50% viewed
  • 75% viewed
  • 100% viewed
  • Facebook share
  • Twitter share
  • Google+ share
  • Email share
  • Impressions
  • Player loads
  • Playback started
  • Geographic locations
  • Click-throughs

Improved Campaign Performance

The LAVA video player captures data in real-time, which improves the optimisation of traffic sources across all metrics listed above.


Creative & Production

LAVA has written and produced video for online, cinema and TV for many of the world’s leading brands. Our original productions are in the top percentile for viral video launches in Australia with regard to views and social interaction.


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102 Brighton Boulevard
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Within Australia: 02 9300 0083
International: +61 2 9300 0083

Rooseveltova 48
Český Krumlov, 38 101
Czech Republic


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