LAVA Social
Video Forecaster


LAVA’s Social Video Forecaster meets three objectives:

Forecasts all aspects of social video launches including social reactions, click-throughs, time viewed, sentiment and insights into sharing behaviour.


Recommends amendments to and selects creative to maximise results

Improves distribution strategy & tactical elements

This product can be utilised at any point in the creative process, from the story board to the final edit & includes four components:

Existing Data

 1,000+ Australian campaign data points across all product categories

Emotion Analytics

Real-time emotion measurement powered by world-leading platform

Consumer Research

Conscious responses
Partnering with Australia’s leading online research agency

Qualitative Insight

Research component based on LAVA's prior campaign experience

Cross referenced with previous YouTube video results -shares, time viewed, views & sentiment

Accurate forecasting & insight for improved results